Here is a list of Competitions that I have competed in over the past 2 years!

Jersey Throwdown 2016

This competition is the first CrossFit competition for athletes on the Island of Jersey in the UK. I managed to come 1st after 3 WOD’s and Finals.

Powerwave Games 2016

This competition was held down in Leicester Square in London. This consisted of many different workouts with a Powerwave product.

Battle of the Beasts 2016

This competition took place in Colchester, Essex. It is rated as one of the most intense competitions in the country. I managed to come 11th in this, having to withdraw in preliminary round due to an injury.

Welsh Men's Throwdown 2016

After competing in this work out, held in Wales, I managed to finish 3rd.

Berlin Throwdown 2016

As you can probably guess, this competition was held at the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark in Berlin. After qualifying for this, I competed as an Individual, as the other option was working as a team, and I managed to finish 12th.

Irish Throwdown 2016

Battle of Britain 2016