A tried, trusted and effective training regime, our method is unique in that no two classes are ever the same.

Designed to transform your body, this incredible training method focuses on kettlebells, intervals, reps, bodyweight and equipment that will certainly be outside of your comfort zone, but will ensure you achieve results that you’d never have imagined.

Benefits include:

  • Different training activities in each and every session
  • Constantly evolving classes that introduce fresh ideas, structure and methods
  • Classes you won’t find anywhere else

Catering for All Abilities

One of the other great things about CrossFit is that it caters to all abilities, so whether you’re a regular gym goer or you are embarking on CrossFit or a fitness class for the very first time, our classes will work for all.

You will notice from the off how constant progression is the order of the day. Trainers will work closely with each member to ensure they are improving week on week, whether that’s by increasing kettlebell weight, improving the number of burpees you are able to complete or the amount of press ups you can do in each session.

This training method breaks barriers and pushes you to train harder and faster whilst our trainers always encourage and reassure you of your ability and the improvements you are making.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with a member of our team, or alternatively sign up to experience it for yourself.

Join Now

If you feel like you need to either begin going to the Gym or change which Gym you go to, then Be Fitter is waiting for you! With numerous different features to the normal Gyms, CrossFit BFG is fully equipped with the highest standard equipment. Our Personal Trainers, who also own the Gym, are qualified and are some of the best at what they do. The Gym opens 6 days a week, holds Awesome Classes, Free Parking and Wifi available.  A Membership Package is waiting for you!



CrossFit (Workout of the Day

Advanced Programming to ensure each member is getting the most out of each session. We want each member to have the confidence they are getting the best programming and to see their own progression.

Strength and Size

A kettlebell and bodyweight class created in a bodybuilding style format to increase strength and size for males, and for females who are looking to tone up.

Open Gym

Open gym is for anyone who wants to perfect any CrossFit skills or for those wanting to burn extra calories outside of the classes. Open gym is also for the people are happy to train outside of the classes and work on their own individual programmes. This is available during all opening hours.


Gymnastics Skills

For members to work on gymnastic movements that can be very frustrating to learn, enabling even the ultimate beginner to start somewhere. For example, rope climbs, handstand walks, double unders, kipping pull ups and so on.  Each movement can be scaled and progressed.  Learning the importance of mobility and enabling individuals to apply to their own programming, which can be advantageous for all elements of CrossFit especially the Olympic Lifts.

CrossFit Fundamentals

The class is specifically designed as an introduction to CrossFit. You will learn the basic movements to then build a strong foundation for the classes.


Train Along with a Trainer

A chance to train alongside a competing CrossFit athlete. Follow Zack’s set programming for that day. Workouts can be scaled for all abilities. This is not a coached class, more so group training.

Barbell Club

A class to learn and practice the Olympic Lifts. For the ultimate beginner to the regular lifter. High energy group training atmosphere perfect to hit those PBs.

EMOM Madness

30 minutes of pure madness working every minute on the minute. An intense workout pushing you to your max.