I started my journey in 2011, renting a sports hall to take one fitness class a week whilst I was working at a gym as a Personal Trainer. The class soon started to gain more interest and before long I launched a second. The popularity of my fitness classes continued to grow and I was soon running classes all around Leicestershire. With the classes proving a huge success, I then made the decision to leave the gym to focus solely on this venture, providing personal training from home as well as running classes five night’s a week. After 3 to 4 years of working hard and gaining experience, we opened the official ‘Be Fitter’ Gym.


Alongside my Personal Training, I have been competing in competitions around Europe and have won two competitions to date, The Jersey Throwdown and Powerwave Games. Through the growth of my profile on social media I have since gained sponsorship with two well known companies, Heavy Rep Gear and Awesome Supplements, enabling me to benefit from their extensive knowledge whilst using my exposure to promote their products.


My reason for entering the world of fitness is a personal one as, when I was younger, I was overweight and led a very unhealthy lifestyle. One day, my dad told me he would buy me a PS2 if I lost weight and, as you’d expect for a 12 year old, this was a very enticing proposal! After implementing various lifestyle changes and embarking on numerous fitness regimes, I eventually got the PS2 as a reward for my efforts and weight loss. It didn’t stop there though as my love of sport and fitness evolved, leading me to play for Leicestershire in Table Tennis, Squash and Rugby.

As I got older, I continued to lose weight, become fitter and enjoy a more balanced lifestyle, with a career in fitness being a huge attraction. With this in mind, I completed my PT course at Loughborough College and it has progressed from there! Now, my online exercise and nutrition courses are designed to use my experience to help others in their quest to be fit and enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle.