Team WOD

CrossFit BFG – Team WOD Warm-up Metcon Metcon (Time) Team Of 4 (2 Athletes work at a time) For Time: 125 Plate Burpees (60Kgs/40Kgs) 400m Run (Holding Hands All 4) 125 Wallballs (9Kgs/6Kgs) 400m Run 125 Ground To Overhead (50Kgs/30Kgs) 400m Run 125 Toes To Bar 400m Run 50 Muscle-ups / 125 Pull-ups 400m Run…

Strength and Size

CrossFit BFG – Strength and Size Warm-up Metcon Metcon (No Measure) Narrow grip bench press Barbell underarm bent over rows Seated shoulder press TRX press up with knee tuck 5×15 Explosive jump squats 5×15 Split squats Cool Down

Barbell Club

CrossFit BFG – Barbell Club Warm-up Weightlifting Snatch triples 8×1 @ weight hit Weightlifting Snatch balance (8×3) Weightlifting Sotts press 5×5 Cool Down